I want to support competition in the book distribution industry and indie bookstores.

To that end, even if it doesn’t make rational sense to do so, I’ve worked hard to make “Toru: Wayfarer Returns” available on just about any e-reader, and to provide both Amazon and Ingram paperback versions and an Ingram hardback version to those who wish to read a physical book.

So if you are lucky enough to live near an independent bookstore, or Barnes and Noble, you can order paperback or hardcover editions directly through your favorite bookseller. I’m working on getting an independent bookstore finder widget thingy up here to help you out, as well as buttons to take you straight to the major online booksellers for digital and physical copies.


The Colorado Literary Network now offers a platform for Colorado authors to share their books, so I’ll send you there as well for links to purchase options for Toru: Wayfarer Returns. It’s great to see all the other Colorado authors out there doing their writing and sharing their books! Click through to buy your copy of Toru, of course, (thank you!) but take a look at our other local authors as well.

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