“A strong steampunk adventure sharing a tale of patriotism, honor and love.” 

Enjoy the full review here on book blogger Martha’s Bookshelf. We appreciate her finding us on NetGalley and taking time to write her review. For you non-clickers out there, here are the non-synopsis portions of her thoughtful review:

“This is a strong steampunk adventure sharing a tale of patriotism, honor and love….I really enjoyed the intrigue, plot twists, steampunk elements and the political allegory (a country struggling and stagnating under dictated traditions and leaders who lack vision). Ms. Sorenson provides good detail contrasting the living circumstances of the poor, who struggle each day with little hope of ever improving their situation, against the wealthy estates of the Lords and the revered positions of the samurai who have their opportunities as a matter of birthright. Masuyo is a strong, brave and inventive female character who contributes to the visionary team to the point of risking her life and her family. There is tenderness, sorrow, humor, bravery, and danger wrapped up in the story which moves along at a quick pace.

 I was reminded a bit of The Last Samurai, probably because I had watched the movie recently. I liked that the author gives a bit of afterword explaining the political atmosphere and history of the setting. The chapter header quotes are apt to the plot as the author creatively delivers this story of patriotism, honor and love. I recommend this to readers who like alternate history and adventure as well as readers who enjoy steampunk and a young romance that seems impossible but finds a way.”

Thank you, Martha’s Bookshelf!

Written by Stephanie R. Sorensen

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